Stargazers Guide to Matariki

All Ages
Adult: $15.00
Children: $7.50
Door Sales Only

Time 9:00 AM
Planetarium North, 500 SH14, Maunu, Whangarei, Whangarei

Astute observers of the evening sky will soon recognise familiar patterns and clusters moving through the sky as the year passes by.

Our ancestors used these the way we use clocks and calendars to mark time and know when to plant, harvest and celebrate, giving rise to the rising of Matariki in mid-winter. We’ll take you on a tour of the evening sky in our all weather indoor Planetarium, visiting the legends of our ancestors both Mäori and Pakeha.

You can even see the story of the meeting of Mäori and Cook directly overhead, perhaps we’ll take you there as well.